#wearecmz: Iñaki


In his parents, Iñaki saw the perfect example of what the word 'commitment' means. They were dedicated heart and soul to the company, a CMZ which was very different from that of today. When he was small, many afternoons after school he would got lost in the corridors with his brother Aitor. Nobody could have imagined that these two boys would end up turning this business into a leading lathe manufacturing company which every day sends an average of 3 machines to customers, feeds more than 350 people in 5 European countries and continues to mushroom. Iñaki Zumarraga believes that the degree of commitment and professionalism have been key catalysts for the breathtaking evolution CMZ has experienced. Today he shares with us those which in his opinion are the keys to success.

Professionalism at all levels

At CMZ there are no second-rate jobs. Only the coordinated, responsible performance of each team member allows the results to be optimal. Every employee is immersed in this philosophy from the moment they arrive at any department. Iñaki values the team's professionalism and the enthusiasm and dedication which can be felt at all levels of the company structure very positively. The company is experiencing a significant evolution regarding its productive capacity. This growth goes hand-in-hand with a staff increase in all areas: production, maintenance, electronics...

There's no magic formula or recipe. However, the low turnover in the company with an average length of service of 10 years means that the know-how remains in the company, constituting a basic factor for the technological development.


Iñaki is usually one of the first to arrive and the last to leave. In addition to the obvious involvement in decision-making, he likes to get stuck in and know first-hand the company's daily operations. It's not unusual to see him in the middle of a machine load or participating actively in the design stage of one of the machine's components. Everything is based on commitment to the customer, the workers and oneself.

Despite the dimensions CMZ has acquired, it's 100% familial. Iñaki, Aitor and the most loyal workers have been collaborating together since the beginning and have made the values of discipline and effort their own.

The strategic plan outlines the path they intend to follow with firm steps. All this will be possible putting into the cocktail shaker all the ingredients Iñaki speaks of: professionalism, knowledge, commitment and dedication. We feel like continuing to write the history of CMZ milestone by milestone. Here we go!