#wearecmz: Laurent


CMZ France is our longest-standing subsidiary. It is now almost 17 years old. Although Laurent is a little older than that (not by much), he has been at its helm since the beginning. Selling CNC lathes in France, an extremely competitive market, is no walk in the park. His work and that of his team is flawless. In this time they have become our second largest market, accumulating over 25% of the group's total turnover.

CMZ France, from A to Z

It wasn't always easy. Although Laurent and the rest of our colleagues are now savouring the fruits of success, they have a long road behind them. As Laurent admits during our interview, on a personal level it has been very gratifying to see a project through from A to Z. Starting from zero back in 2004 was a huge challenge.

In the beginning as well as now, relying on the support of a family company with a long tradition, currently in the hands of the third generation, is a guarantee that makes the business stand the test of time.

Investing to grow

"The evolution is constant", says Loustalot, bursting with pride. The company invests in human resources, the creation of services, the industrial resources, setting up new CNC lathe manufacturing plants... The investment is permanent. This way of doing things is closely tied to the CMZ Group's philosophy that aims to give each of its employees the desire and impetus to never stand still, in order to keep growing and improving.

CMZ is currently working on two big projects: the opening of Neoprec and the expansion of the new Precitor. Now that Cafisur, the group's industrial sheet metal plant, has completed its move, CMZ has focused all of its efforts on those projects.

Neoprec is now ready for take off and is going to bring a significant increase in the production capacity of this lathe manufacturer.

Hopefully soon

We take a look back and remember with nostalgia, and a hint of amazement, CMZ France's 15 year anniversary. In those days, the term lockdown was rarely heard, and masks were practically only used by medical professionals.

It makes us want to return to normality and carry on celebrating for at least another 15 years with the whole team, which to this day is still doing an impeccable job. Thank you Laurent for sitting down in front of our camera and sharing with us everything you have experienced.

Long live CMZ France!