We are CMZ | Mariano


Working at CMZ It's something more than being part of one of the leading companies in CNC lathe manufacturing. A priori, the world of machine tooling seems cold, distant, and not focused on people. We are an industrial company but, as indicated by today's protagonist, the foundation of success is looking after people.

Perfect cogs

Despite his warmth, kindness and friendliness, Mariano belongs to the company's management team, as the Director of Manufacturing. He emanates wisdom and motivation from all sides. He has established experience in team management and direction. He is in charge of our whole production staff, including the middle management involved. For him, as well as being market leaders, our CNC lathes are the result of a chain of cogs. Perfect cogs that fulfil their role and do their bit for the bigger picture.

Cutting-edge company

Even before being part of CMZ, Mariano was already familiar with CMZ's CNC lathes. It's true that our machines are renowned in the sector, both nationally and at the European level. This house has almost 75 years of experience in the sector, in which time everything has happened: crises, downturns, success... all these milestones have confirmed our way of being and way of doing things. Each person who enters the organization is soon imbued with CMZ's philosophy.

Personal pride and satisfaction

For us, counting on people like Mariano is added value. These are people who believe in what they do, people who are proud of their work. The best reward is a satisfied worker who, without intending to be, is an ambassador for our brand. A person who wants to take CMZ to the top, and what is even more important, someone who is able to transmit this enthusiasm and this know-how to everyone they're in charge of.

Mariano doesn't like to talk about subordinates. He likes to talk about people. These details make someone a leader instead of a boss. A good example to follow.

A well-made product

Our Director of Manufacturing feels supported by his team. For him, what is most notable is that compared to other places he has worked, here people don't limit themselves to just doing their job. The atmosphere is alive with concern for the client and interest in knowing that the product delivered to them is a well-made CNC lathe, a high-quality, guaranteed machine. People make the project their own, and this adds great value to the company.

A two-way commitment

CMZ is commitment. Commitment to the client who needs a high-performance machine, with a certain level of quality within a specific time frame. This involves commitment to people, to the team who makes all this possible. This two-way commitment is not only compatible, it's necessary to form the perfect tandem. Only focusing on the product and on the client, not caring for the other agents involved in the process, such as suppliers and employees, is a mistake. And you pay for this negligence in the medium term, as it culminates in a workforce with high turnover and low motivation. CMZ never stops growing and we hope to never lose our philosophy. Because #wearecmz.