Mikel Noguerol

#wearecmz: Mikel


Mikel is the Production Manager of SEUNER: our 2nd assembly plant fully dedicated to manufacturing long bed CNC lathes for machining large-sized parts. He knows the company like nobody else and, furthermore, he is someone who is very close to the day-to-day running of the plant, and the people who work here. Today, he shares with all of us his experience of an entire career at CMZ.

The time has come

Mikel knows all too well that the end of student life brings with it a new commitment: it is time to give back to society everything it has given us. It is time to put into practice everything you have learnt, apply knowledge and acquire work experience while, one way or another, we contribute to making society a little bit better.

According to Mikel, CMZ provides the opportunity to work on manufacturing a quality tool which is then used to produce products related to automobiles, aerospace, medicine... Necessary components that are commonly found in society.

Profiles most in demand

As well as the tasks that are part of his job, Mikel is very involved in dealing with the Human Resources side of things at CMZ. The figures speak for themselves: engineers and all of the courses related to Mechanics, Mechatronics, Electronics and Design are the ones that show up the most in the vacancies that come up at our company.

The Basque Country has a long industrial tradition. This means that both the business world and the educational institutions are focused on meeting the existing demand of the job market.

People with integrity

Without a doubt, a wide range of technical knowledge and a series of skills are characteristics that represent a certain type of professional profile.

However, with each new hire at CMZ, Mikel is looking for something more. Integrity and honesty are key values. For him, they are just as important, if not more so, than knowledge. At CMZ, we value that aspect a lot – we are not just looking for workers, above all, we are looking for people.

The CMZ effect

Both with new employees who come from other companies and students who come here for training, we get "the CMZ effect". Soon, and with hardly any effort, they quickly settle in with the more veteran employees, who are the ones that guide them in the learning process. This enriches everyone involved, and helps to form a solid, skilled and balanced team.

Each new employee that joins CMZ finds a solid team, in which each cog is part of the process and where everyone strives every day to give the best of themselves in order to obtain optimum results.

Thank you Mikel for sharing your experience with us and showing us the more human side of professional relationships.