#wearecmz: Olaf

#wearecmz: Olaf


Family philosophy. We asked Olaf, chief executive of the German subsidiary of CMZ, to briefly define CMZ, and this was his response. When the opportunity to take over a company like CMZ in Germany presented itself, he didn't hesitate for a second. The size and technology of the leading competitors are the hallmarks of this country where we arrived in 2010. Undoubtedly, the entrepreneurial spirit, the way of manufacturing the product and the family atmosphere attracted Olaf from the beginning, and made him the best ambassador of our brand in Stuttgart.

We are one

They say that when you row in the same direction, everything flows. Despite the kilometres which separate CMZ Germany from the company's head office, Olaf feels that we are one. For him it's very nice to feel that you're part of an ever-growing whole. It's an area surrounded by large multinationals and giants where it's difficult to find a company like ours. The German market has great potential, we've experienced this during these initial years and we plan to work it like this in the future.

Own manufacture

The family atmosphere is one of the identifying marks of CMZ but if there's something else which distinguishes us, it's our way of doing things. We firmly believe in the "made at home" philosophy. Maximising control of the production process doesn't only make you more competitive and able to offer a better price, it also allows you to be more professional and specialise in the continuous improvement of your product. Under this key principle we manufacture our numerically controlled lathes. For this we have different own production plants which not only involve the mounting and assembly of the elements which make up our lathes. For example, at MEYDI, they are dedicated exclusively to the manufacture and assembly of the machine's electric cabinets and all their components. Plants such as Mecaninor, Precitor and Neoprec focus their activity only on the mechanisation and manufacture of the components of our CNC lathes. All the sheets and covers for the machines arrive daily from Cafisur, our industrial metal fabrication plant in Cadiz. That's how we manufacture at CMZ. A complete process which has very highly qualified staff and sufficient means to offer the end user a 100% satisfactory experience in using our machine. We are CMZ, lathe manufacturers

The importance of service

Olaf is in constant contact with our customers. One of the best valued factors is the service's immediacy and dynamism. The spare parts delivery system allows any company to receive their order in less than 24 hours.

For him, the future is another adventure where he commits to the sustained growth of CMZ on the German market.

The family philosophy spreads to the employees. Olaf is the living testimony to this. Thanks for your statement!