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A minute with... Production Engineering


Undoubtedly, this is a department where self-confidence is the key to successfully overcome any challenge presented to them. On this occasion, we would like to introduce you to some of the members of the Production Engineering department, a team that adeptly navigates the dual demands of managing a strong human team and purely technical work. Find out what it's like to spend a minute with the production engineering department!

Beauty is in the duality

Beauty lies in duality, much like the yin and yang, where balance is crucial. The manufacturing of technologically complex machines, such as our lathes, and our commitment to in-house production, necessitate the oversight of a multitude of production processes. The technical expertise required for tasks of this magnitude goes hand in hand with managing a human team, which is always a significant challenge. However, therein lies the key to success: in the duality between people management and technical work, which is truly rewarding.

For this reason, our Production Engineering team is always brimming with confidence. Confidence not only in their own abilities but also in the human team backing them, making the entire value chain possible. This enables them to engage in complex projects where they can contribute their own judgment and enhance the production process of powerful and reliable machines. Collaboration is constant, and from it, projects of great importance for CMZ have been born.

There is a real commitment to talent. It is very common to see young people in charge of our units and they acquire highly valuable knowledge of the production processes for our lathes. In this way you learn a lot and fast, and we look forward to incorporating people with confidence and determination to help us continuously improve our lathes. 

Gears in a much larger machine

The technical complexity of our machines is what attracts our production engineers, because that is a challenge. Dealing with the challenges that can arise in an assembly line or having to "rack your brains" to find a solution is motivation for everyone in the department. In the end, in a structure like CMZ's, you quickly learn a lot and that means that growth is real.

As manufacturers of CNC lathes, we have 8 plants dedicated exclusively to the manufacture and assembly of our machines. This enables us to deal with the different stages in the production line. Every single one of us at CMZ is a gear in a much larger machine which makes this business project work. We have over 75 years of history behind us, shall we bet on another 75? 😉