TTL Series | Applications Demo

TTL | Applications Demo

CMZ presents their new CNC lathe series TTL. This a new generation of lathe that can be included in the multiturret range together with the TX series. Its rapid speed of 30m/min, milling capacity up to 12,000rpm and machine bed inclination of 60° makes it ideal for bar work.

The lathe consists of two lathe, both being able to work in the two spindles; both of them can be configured with live tooling and Y axis. It also has a subspindle that can move vertically and horizontally (X3, Z3). This last function makes possible to turn with three tools simultaneously, being able to reduce cycle time. Additionaly, the TTL offers other interesting accessories for different types of industries; the lathe can be equipped with a tailstock over the subspindle which allows to machine long parts in the main spindle while the lower turret is finishing the part in the subpspindle which makes it ideal for shaft machining.

This document tries to summarise the different examples of use to show the possibilities of the new TTL series.