Superimposed thread cutting

Superimposed machining is a standard function on the new TTL series from CMZ, a machine with capabilities never seen before in the market place.

This powerful 66mm bar capacity twin turret twin spindle CNC lathe can cut with 3 or even 4 tools simultaneously making the TTL a great machine for producing higher volumes of complex parts.

Superimposed machining is made possible by a combination of sub-spindle axis movement in X and Z and 3 programming channels permitting the machine to cut with 3 or even 4 tools at the same time. This functionality is not limited to simple trajectories, thread cutting is possible too.

In this video, we show the machining of a brass component using form tools to reduce cycle times. It is observed how the thread cutting is done with superimpose as two other tools are machining at the same time.

Programming superimposed machining should not be a challenge for the operators, each trajectory is programmed separately and using an M code two channels are superimposed.

Superimposed machining is a very powerful feature on the TTL and opens up a broad range of options for machining processes. Interested in learning more about superimposed machining? Why not get in touch with us now!

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