CMZ on Media

  • 2019-09-09

    Latest CMZ media appearances

    There are many media outlets that have talked about our latest news in the last few months. One thing’s for sure, we have generated a lot of content. Content that specialised media both at a national and European level have considered to be deserving of a place on many of their pages. As manufacturers of CNC lathes we feel proud of the great response we have had from all parts of the media. Below, we tell you about some of the most significant reports.

  • 2019-06-14

    Do you remember... CMZ on the TV show “El Hormiguero”?

    Over 4 years have passed since our engineer Jose Antonio Cañaveras appeared on the popular television show El Hormiguero to demonstrate the qualities of our CMZ lathes. During our appearance, the singers Ana Belén and Victor Manuel were able to watch as, in a matter of seconds, the machine transformed a chunk of brass into a sophisticated chess piece.

  • 2019-05-16

    Plenty of news in April

    We take a look back on the last few months, which could not have been more productive. There are many media sources that have talked about all of our news. We have been on the front pages and headlines of countless important sector-specific media sources both nationally and internationally which, every day, help to raise awareness of the activity of the CNC lathe manufacturer, CMZ.