#wearecmz: Santi


There was a time when people arrived at the company as children without even having reached legal age and grew and progressed in the company until reaching retirement age. What nowadays seems like the start of a science fiction story is the reality of many of the long-term employees in our company. It's moving to listen to Santi, our star today in the #wearecmz section. A different way of understanding work and sacrifice than the one we have nowadays. Get comfortable, it's worth listening to him.

45 years of active service

Santi arrived at CMZ when he was just 20 years old. Forty five years later he looks back and fondly remembers the time he spent at CMZ. He's experienced many things here: he's had 3 positions, trained dozens of apprentices and managed people. He entered as a young man with the desire to learn and progress. CMZ received him with open arms and not only gave him a job but with his effort and determination he forged a professional future which led to him becoming a warehouse manager.

Loyalty and dedication

When remembering the period when he led the warehouse, he remembers in detail what the key values the people in his team must have were for him: loyalty, knowledge and dedication. Santi considers that for everything to work, people must identify with the project. He tells us this in front of one of our automatic warehouses which is nothing like the warehouse CMZ had at the beginning of his career.

When Santi entered the workshop after so long, he found his old colleagues who he has precious memories of and a lot of affection for.

Talent retention

Nowadays, professional turnover is increasingly frequent. The industrial sector is not exempt from this. We've already told you before that we're the odd ones out in machine tooling. This is also true for human resources. Santi isn't the exception which confirms the rule. Many people who are retiring from the company now have worked there for more than 45 years. We all gain something with these long professional careers: employees consolidate their professional and personal future by creating an important link with the company which, on the other hand, retains the talent and know-how.

Santi: it was a pleasure listening to you and reliving so many experiences with you. Thank you for making us part of your story.