Every year is a new opportunity to learn. We said goodbye to 2022 turning non-stop and in 2023 we learned a great lesson: it is never too late for whatever it is you long for. To look within and get to know ourselves a bit better, to conquer new horizons, to commit to new projects...We wanted to end this year by toasting the opportunity to acquire lathes for immediate delivery, but there are lots of other lessons that have made it clear to us that it's never too late to...

Start the year with a fresh start

CMZ Store

Call it Feng Shui, call it a change of look… At the beginning of the year we decided to tackle the redesign of the CMZ Store, our online shop for tool holders for CNC lathes. A new way of buying your usual tool holders, specially designed by and for the user.

We started this project with the aim of satisfying our customers’ needs and a whole team was involved in the process from start to finish. That’s how we created a platform where you can find out what stock is available wherever you are, guaranteeing dispatch within 24 to 48 hours.

Because it’s never too late for a change of scene, especially if the change is for the better.

Conquering new horizons

Everyone sets their own limits and we have put the bar very high. Denmark has always been an interesting market due to its potential for growth. In February, we opened CMZ’s new Danish subsidiary. This has been a clear commitment to continue growing and exceed the figure that has been on our minds for a long time: €100 M annual turnover.

With this tactical move, we wanted to get closer to our customers, improving our service and offering a more direct, personalised service. In April, we went to the VTM Summit trade fair where we also left our mark, as demonstrated by the fact that we sold several machines during the show and were asked to provide lots of quotes. This project to expand into Danish territory is headed by our commercial manager Nicolaj Søndergaard, who has wide experience in the market and is well suited to ensure its success.

Because it’s never too late to conquer new frontiers, to arrive and revolutionise the market.

Looking inwards

A minute with...

They say that human beings see the speck of sawdust in someone else’s eye, but not the plank in their own. In our case, this year we decided to look within to find out about that “big plank” We found a team that didn’t hesitate for a second to get in front of the camera and tell us about their day to day work. That’s how we started the series “A minute with…”, where we found out about the various departments within CMZ from a more human perspective.

An IT team that breaks all the moulds, a young, dynamic department like the applications department; an area like machining which is motivated by challenges; our production engineers for whom confidence is key; the technical assistance team all customers look forward to seeing and the assembly colleagues who are jigsaw fans. We are nothing without the people around us. This has been both an enriching, fun journey which has helped us to rediscover ourselves.

Because it’s never too late to look within and realise that we have a “top notch” human team (if not the best 😉).

New toys to play with

Célula Automatizada en Neoprec

Now more than ever is the time to write your wish list for Christmas. We already started playing with our new toy in June, when we started up the third automated cell for machining small parts, with high precision. Thanks to that cell, we have been able to supply the growing demand for tool holders in the CMZ Store, because it has sufficient autonomy to work without the need for human intervention for over 48 hours delivering high productivity ratios.

This cell comprises a five-axis vertical machining centre, a three-dimensional machine for measuring the parts, a washer for cleaning the parts and two robots. 100% of manufactured parts are measured, correcting the offsets of the machine on the basis of those measurements. In this way, we continuously obtain high precision.

Because it’s never too late to regain that enthusiasm for using something new, something which helps you maximise productivity.

Believe you can do it and go for it

New Precitor

Setting a clear objective and going for it is in our DNA. In late February, we started to use the extension to our machining plant in Elorrio, the new Precitor. This has helped us to increase the manufacture of cylindrical parts by 55% in comparison to the previous plant and increasingly move towards the manufacture of 850 CNC lathes a year.

To that end, this new turning and cylindrical grinding plant has an air-conditioned area of 2,000 m2 designed with no pillars to ensure strict temperature control We have also invested in the very latest production resources on the market: two cylindrical grinding machines from Studer, two Zeiss three-dimensional coordinate measuring machines and ten single and twin-turret CMZ lathes with Gantry Robots.

Because it is never too late to grow and continue growing. 

Being machine tool influencers 😉

CMZ Magazine #3

We might be exaggerating a little... But we can confirm that our third issue of the CMZ Magazine has been a resounding success. We included the best moments of the year, company news and state-of-the-art applications with programming tips. CMZ Magazine no.3 is available now in the complete online version for you to enjoy over the Christmas holidays.

Because it's never too late to get the latest CMZ Magazine 😉

Committed to a unique way of doing things

At CMZ we take great care over the production process for our CNC lathes down to the smallest detail. We believe in integrating most of the production process to create a reliable product that guarantees the highest standards of quality. Under this premise, our production manager, Mikel Noguerol told us about the importance of in-house production and of taking care over the product from within.

Manufacturing more than 80% of the components for our lathes is a hard task and involves a sustainable level of investment in both technical and human resources. This provides a high degree of specialisation in the product, makes us competitive and enables us to generate value directly and indirectly.

Because it is never too late to commit to in-house production.

Treat yourself to a new lathe for Christmas

Tornos para Entrega Inmediata

At CMZ we want to make our own small contribution to ensuring that this Christmas your dreams come true and you maximise production in your company. That’s why you’ve still got time to buy lathes for immediate delivery. We have a wide variety of models tailored to your production needs, so that when you return from the holidays, your lathe will be working at full capacity. There are just a few days left before this opportunity ends, so, what are you waiting for?

Because it's never too late to get a new CMZ lathe. 

Do you think it’s too late?

We see each orbit round the sun as a new chapter, like 366 new opportunities in 2024 to make our dreams come true. All of this, backed by a team of more than 500 people who, with their commitment, work and perseverance, make moving a project of this calibre forward, a “doddle” Don’t be afraid, it’s never too late to embark on new adventures that help you grow and improve constantly.

And you? Do you think it’s too late?

We’re really looking forward to seeing you, 2024.