Manufacture Of Tool Holders In An Automated Cell


At CMZ we have over three years’ experience of automated cells for manufacturing parts. In this video we show you the process from start to finish.

This time, we are in Neoprec, our machining plant for small and medium-sized parts which has 8,000 m2 of climate-controlled facilities. Here, there are three robotic cells which run fully automated.

In the following video we show you one of the three robotic cells we use to machine small, high precision parts in operation. The cell has a vertical five axes machining centre, a 3D Coordinate measuring machine (CMM), a parts washer and two robots.

The cell operates as follows:

  • The robot picks up the blank from the table using vision techniques.
  • It places the blank in the machine for machining.
  • It cleans the part in the washer tank.
  • The finished parts are measured on the CMM.
  • 100% of the manufactured parts are measured and based on those measurements we correct the offsets for the machine.

This type of automated cell delivers high productivity, because the machine can work for 48 hours without human intervention. The cell also has a 3D CMM machine which measures 100% of the parts and automatically corrects the machine offsets. This ensures 100% valid parts and drastically improves precision because the offsets are updated for each part.

Discover the entire tool holder manufacturing process in the following video:

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