Lathe operations | TTS Series

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Lathe operations | TTS Series

This video shows different lathe operations in a TTS-38-38-T1Y-T2Y. CMZ widen their range of multi-turret machines with a new dual spindle CNC lathe especially designed for bar work, bar turning and high production.

The TTS and TTL Series make up the multi-turret family of machines for bar work. This is the smallest lathe in the whole product range. Its precision and reliability guarantee the quality of this machine, used in industries such as the oil and gas, medical and general machining industries, with particular focus on bar turning.

In the examples of use shown in the video, different lathe operations performed on this machine for bar turning are shown. They are all possible thanks to the technical specifications of this twin spindle lathe for bar turning and the features which the movements of the X3 and Y3 axes permit.

Main technical characteristics:

  • No belts.
  • Rapid velocity 30 m/min.
  • Motorised turret at 12,000 rpm and cooled with oil.
  • Bench inclined at 45º
  • Available with one or two turrets.
  • Its subspindle reduce acceleration time by half.

This document demonstrates schematically the different lathe operations performed on the TTS, showing the wide range of possibilities for this new CMZ Series and the utility of different options which may be added.

The sub-spindle moves both vertically and horizontally thanks to the movement of the X3 and Y3 axes. Thanks to this, the methods of use are as follows:

  • Operation with the sub-spindle moving downwards.
  • Mechanised with two turrets on the same spindle.
  • Simultaneous work with 3 tools.
  • Operation with tailstock (upper or lower – optional)
  • Synchronized machining with two turrets (the movement of one turret is programmed and the other follows it)

Companies dedicated to bar turning can optimise their cycle times and machining processes thanks to this multifunctional lathe. The dual spindle CNC lathe is the latest showpiece from CMZ to complete their range of multi-turret lathes. Bar work and lathe operations for making small parts require machines with a high degree of precision. The TTS has been designed under this key principle and is 100% geared towards satisfying the needs of those industries.

Optimising machining processes is a reality thanks to our new TTS twin spindle lathe.

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