Machining shafts on a multi-turret lathe with tailstock and gantry loader

Machining shafts on a multi-turret lathe with tailstock and gantry loader

In this video we show you how to machine the spindle shafts for a driven tool holder using a multi-turret lathe from the TTL series with tailstock and Gantry Robot Loader.

Precitor is CMZ's new plant for machining high accuracy cylindrical parts and has more than 2,000m2 of useable space which is strictly temperature controlled (+-1º). This is where the spindle shafts for our driven tool holders are produced using a multi-turret lathe with tailstock. And thanks to its Gantry Robot Loader, we have managed to automate the process and save a great deal of cycle time.

There are several operations in the manufacturing process for spindle shafts. First of all, the part is turned, then coated (with a ceramic coating where the rotary unions go) and finally, it is ground. In this video, we specifically show the stage of machining the spindle shaft on a CNC turning centre from the TTL series.

The process involves the following stages:

  1. The gantry loader loads the raw material from the workstocker.

  2. As the part is very long, it is turned using balanced cutting and at the same time is drilled on the sub-spindle.

  3. The main and sub-spindles on CMZ lathes are mounted on roller bearings, which reduces vibration This means turning can be done away from the chuck face.

  4. Using the tailstock, the finish pass is done between the chuck and tailstock while turning on the sub-spindle.

  5. When the part is finished, it is taken to an unloading table where the operator has easy access. The Gantry Loader is an ideal option for automating the production process.

Find out about the entire process of machining a shaft on a multi-turret lathe using a tailstock and Gantry loader in this video:

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