#wearecmz: Maikel

#wearecmz: Maikel


When choosing a career there are those who value professional opportunities, salary potential, stability, geographical mobility... It is undoubtedly a very personal decision and there is no magic formula or right answer. Just ask Maikel. The 500+ CNC lathes that leave CMZ every year to go off into the world pass through his hands. As he affirms in front of our cameras, no two days are the same, and that is the magic when you are a restless person like he is.

The big beehive

Maikel knows every inch of our Assembly Plant 1 like the back of his hand. Well, he is certainly a man of many talents and he is always ready to put his heart and soul into things when he has to attend a trade fair to pick up the machines we are sending or a special delivery needs to be made to any of our manufacturing plants.

A motivated Maikel with a coy smile tells us in front of the lens that what he likes most about his job is how dynamic it is. CMZ is like a big beehive in which all of the bees are essential links in the chain. From the nurse bees who teach those with less experience, through to the wax bees in charge of the warehouse who ensure nothing is every missing, or the workers who work from sun up to sundown. Together, they all make something great. It's not that our CNC lathes are royal jelly (although almost), but they are the result of work based on the gearbox of all of the departments in the company giving their best to deliver a high quality product to the end client. In the whole of this process, the loading of machines is fundamental. It is the last step before a CMZ lathe leaves our assembly plants en route to its final destination.

Every day a new challenge

For Maikel, the dynamism is fundamental in his job. He could spend hours recounting the anecdotes about things that have happened in his daily tasks over the years. He is continuously dealing with colleagues from very different departments within the company: warehouse, logistics, sales...

His hands and eyes are the last to check that everything is running perfectly. His specialism when loading are the multi-axis lathes of the TTL Series and all the lathes of the TA Series, which are the ones made in the Zaldibar plant. Nevertheless, when it comes to loading our CNC lathes for machining large parts, of the TD Series, he hasn't done badly either, when production needs have meant he has had to go to Seuner to lend a hand to his colleagues. That's the kind of man he is: a good person, methodical, sociable, and a natural born facilitator of solutions. Everyone should have a Maikel in their life.