Helical Gear Hobbing

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Helical Gear Hobbing

In principle, turning and hobbing require two different machines. We present a new application on helical gear hobbing that shows teeth being machined directly in the CNC lathe.

We would like to welcome helical gear hobbing in a CNC lathe and say goodbye to the dead time that occurs when you have to turn and hob on two different machines.

The range of possibilities is very broad since we can hob cylindrical gears with both straight and helical teeth.

Technical characteristics of the toolholder used for external gears on a CNC lathe:

  • Cylindrical or conical gears, with helical or straight teeth
  • Hobs of up to 80 ø
  • Dual support design: maximum rigidity
  • Reduction ratio 1: 1 or 2: 1 for large modules

Gear of the part shown in the video:

  • Module: 1.25
  • Helical angle: 16º

The cylindrical helical gear is a toothed wheel that has slanted teeth running at an angle to the rotary shaft of the wheel, and they are used to transmit motion. In this video we show the hobbing of a helical gear with an angle of 16º. The images, courtesy of MT Marchetti, a leading European manufacturer of toolholders, were taken on their TTL-52-52-T1Y-T2Y that they acquired in 2019. This turning centre is unique thanks to its unprecedented functionalities and specifications. The movements on the X3 and Z3 axes allow the incorporation of a counterpoint, operation with 3 tools simultaneously, and machining of longer pieces thanks to a reduction in interferences.

Our applications video aims to show solutions that allow us to improve the cycle times and maximise the performance of the CNC lathe. If you are interested in learning more about gear hobbing or you need to carry out a time study, our applications department will design a tailor-made solution.

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