Technical characteristics



8 integrated

14 kW, 42 Nm, 12000 rpm

Turret with driven tools and completely cooled with oil

24 positions turret with hydraulic clamping. The TTL Series turning centre, have turrets hydraulically clamped with curvic couplings for accurate indexing and rigidity. The turret has two motors. The first one is used for indexing the turret (indexing time 30º in 170 ms). The second one is an integrated motor which drives the live tooling at 14 kW, 42 Nm and 12000 rpm. The turret is fully cooled with oil, allowing continuous work at 12000 rpm with this turning centre for bar turning

Indexing time
30º in 170 ms



Integrated spindles with synchronous motors

Acceleration time reduced by half

The main highlights of this turning centre are the following:

  • Equipped with high power and torque synchronous motors (35.5 kW and 205 Nm). Acceleration time reduced by half (TTL-52 accelerates to 5000 rpm in 1.3 seconds)
  • The synchronous motor rotor is made of permanent magnets. This means that there is no current circulation and that the spindle axis remains cold.
  • The integrated synchronous motor as well as the bearings are oil-cooled and provide greater thermal stability.
  • The bearings mounted on the spindle are roller and provide great robustness to withstand substantial impacts and high damping for vibrations.

TTL - 66


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The movements in the X3 and Z3 axes allow exclusive functionalities:

  • Operating with tailstock (option).
  • 3 tools working simultaneously.
  • Machining very long components thanks to the significant reduction in interferences

Operating simultaneously with tailstock and sub-spindle

Optionally, this turning centre could incorporate a tailstock attached to the sub-spindle. Thanks to this, it is possible to machine between the chucks or the main chuck and the tailstock while the part is finished in the sub-spindle, as it is shown in the photo of this 3 axis CNC machine.

3 tools working simultaneously

This 3 axis CNC machine has two turrets, but the CNC has 3 channels where 3 programs can be run simultaneously, each of them with its own offsets. The sub-spindle (X3 and Zaxes) can work in the third channel of the CNC in a compound mode as well with the upper turret as with the lower one. In other words, two tools can be placed in both turrets (upper and lower) in order to machine with three tools simultaneously. New generation of turning centre for bar turning. 

The offset of the sub-spindle downwards reduces interferences and allows the machining of very long components

TTL Series

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Driven tool capability

4x Simultaneous cutting

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