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Sam Outillage

SAM OUTILLAGE is one of those clients that are a real pleasure to work with. Not only do they have a very broad range of knowledge in the sector, but on top of that, they share our very particular way of understanding the business. Our CNC lathe has helped to increase the efficiency of their processes and they, without knowing it, have made us appreciate even more the importance of being loyal to our values and a company philosophy.


  • LOCATION: Saint-Étienne (France)
  • ACTIVITY: Hand tools manufacturer
  • MACHINES: They have recently acquired their first CMZ machine, a TA 20 YS 640


Let's travel back to 1921, the year in which SAM OUTILLAGE began its successful journey to becoming a premium tool manufacturing brand. Throughout their history, they have patented different products, including a bolt cutter, socket wrench, and torque wrenches. But their innovation did not stop there, since they are implementing Industry 4.0 in many of their products.

Today, they are becoming consolidated as a French tool company with a high level of innovation. Their range of products is very varied. It is worth highlighting that their logistics centre is fully automated. They have 10,000 products listed and in their warehouses ready for delivery within 24 hours. Excellent customer service


A company like SAM, with an impeccable record, is endorsed by renowned customers such as Airbus and Renault. Their strong point is responding quickly and precisely to the needs of their customers. For them, as well as a quality product, it is essential to offer innovative solutions and give customers a high quality level of response.

In this regard, the CMZ machines allow them to manufacture the components for their range of torque wrenches. The capabilities of our lathes give them optimum production conditions in terms of quality and timeframes.


When SAM OUTILLAGE came to us, they told us about the conundrum they were facing manufacturing the components for their torque wrenches: they were able to fully machine the piece, but it was a process that involved the use of two different machines.

Our applications department carefully analysed the situation and the piece in question, and prepared a detailed report that studied the process and gave the customer a cycle time. In this type of customer consultation, we use the latest technologies and media as well as CAD/CAM tools to offer the best results.

When we assessed the project we found several challenges. On the one hand was the number of tools necessary and on the other hand there was the length of the piece compared to its diameter. To solve the problem of the tools we chose both fixed and motorised tool holders that would make it possible to mount more tools in the same station; that way we managed to mount 22 tools in 12 positions in the turret. To solve the issue of machining the thinnest part of the piece, we opted to use an accessory that consists of a tool holder that enables them to mount a centre on the tailstock and then remove it, all of which is fully automated. That way the piece comes out finished in perfect condition in just one operation.


Didier Mounier of SAM OUTILLAGE could not have described it better. He firmly believes in the synergies between companies. For him, it is the best team for creating innovative solutions. The key for them is to share their passion for creating innovative and efficient solutions. It is the only way to continue writing our history as manufacturers – of tools for them and CNC lathes for us.

At CMZ, we firmly support manufacturing located within Europe. It has been great to visit them, to find out about their experience and see that we have a lot in common. When you happen upon customers who have a very similar company philosophy to your own, things flow naturally.

SAM OUTILLAGE, thank you for sharing your experience with us!

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