Pentair Jung Pumpen

The companies that move the world today started in a garage, in the basement of a house, or... in Steinhagen, in the case of Pentair Jung Pumpen, leading manufacturer of wastewater pumps. As well as their first name, Stefan Sirges and Stefan Sellke also share the same philosophy when it comes to their work: the insatiable search for excellence and quality. Managing Director and Process Engineer respectively, they drill down to the determining factors that were key in choosing to buy CNC lathes when renewing their machinery for the mechanical processing of steel and cast iron. The strategic vision and the more technical side of things come together in this interview, and materialise in the acquisition of three CMZ lathes in just 5 years.



LOCATION: Steinhagen, Germany,

ACTIVITY: Premium brand of wastewater pumps. Jung Pumpen produces and distributes products for the treatment of wastewater.

MACHINES: 3 CMZ lathes

  • TD-35-Y-1350
  • TC-30-Y-800
  • TC-30-Y-800-L-servo+GL20II


The story of what is today Pentair Jung Pumpen starts in 1924 with the small business founded by the plumber Heinrich Jung in Steinhagen, Westphalia, in Germany. That humble plumbing business is now a premium manufacturer of wastewater pumps that employs over 350 people, with a yearly turnover of 78 million euros, and since 2007 it has belonged to Pentair PLC, a world-leading supplier of water technology solutions. Almost nothing.

Stefan Sirges, Managing Director, recalls how in the beginning the company focussed on producing drinking water products. However, the 1980s was a key turning point for the company, which saw a clear business opportunity in wastewater products. Today, they are the undisputed leaders of the sector worldwide. An achievement accomplished thanks to the business decisions that have been made throughout its almost 100 years of history.


Jung Pumpen's commercial strategy is based on close collaboration with its distributors. This strategy means they have a highly skilled sales process for a high quality product. With such specialised intermediaries, the end customer is guaranteed expert advice and excellent service in all stages of the process.

Quality is not just a cornerstone of the strategy, it is written into the company's DNA and forms its main motto. When the moment came to renew its existing machinery for the mechanical processing of steel and cast iron, quality was a non-negotiable condition for choosing a suitable partner.

Sirges admits that when they came across CMZ and learned about the painstaking manufacturing process of the lathes in depth, they knew for sure. At CMZ we manufacture almost all of the parts for our machines in our own plants. This means we can take care over and control each step of the production exhaustively. For customers such as Jung Pumpen, for whom quality in every stage of the process is fundamental, this aspect is a deciding factor.


Stefan Sellke, Process Engineer at the company, shares Sirges's passion for his work and for the search for excellence in quality. When he meets us in his premises in Steinhagen, he recalls the moment that CMZ and Jung Pumpen met. It was at a fair, which they attended eager to find stable machinery with a high degree of automation. As soon as they saw our lathes in situ, he remembers, they knew for sure, and they soon completed the purchase of their first cnc lathe.

As well as the quality and closeness of the service, both in geographical as well as human terms, Sellke highlights the after-sales care for the machine, which barely requires any maintenance due to "its stability and high quality".

In 1924 in Steinhagen, the company known today as Pentair Jung Pumpen was born. In 2014 they bought their first CMZ machine, and the beginnings were forged. Thank you for putting your trust in us, for opening the door to your house and for believing that quality can always be found in the simplest details.

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