Comparative analysis of turning centres: Functional and technical competitive advantages


The acquisition of new CNC machinery for a machining workshop is a major decision that necessarily entails a considerable investment. Companies approach this process with a wide variety of options before them: the Nakamura WY 150, Citizen Miyano BNE, Biglia B465, Nakamura WT 150, CMZ TTL Series, Biglia B446, Nakamura WY 250, Nakamura WT 250… The array of possibilities is vast, but not all of them are equal. In this article we explain the features that make all the difference. The TTL Series has unprecedented functions and technical specifications.


The TTL Series belongs to our range of multi-turret lathes, and is our largest machine in this specific category. This turning centre is a machine for high production and bar turning. Its most frequent users come from companies related to the world of automotive, aerospace, general machining..., companies that work with very demanding lead times and have a large volume of pieces to produce. Machining complex parts is made simpler thanks to the TTL's performance, accuracy, and reliability.

Advantages of TTL: Technical specifications and functionalities

In comparison with other similar lathes, such as the Nakamura WY 150, Citizen Miyano BNE, Biglia B465, CMZ TTL Series, Nakamura WT 150, Biglia B446, Nakamura WY 250, or Nakamura WT 250, CMZ's TTL stands out due to the following features:

  • Does not use any belts and with 8 integrated/direct drive motors. All motors are cooled with oil to providing optimal cooling of the spindles, X and Y axis motors, driven
  • Superimposed machining. The TTL can work with 3 tools simultaneously. With 3 axis movement in the sub-spindle. Each tool is directed by a separate program executed using 3 programming channels.
  • Incorporates a tailstock (optional). The tailstock is attached to the body of the sub-spindle, making it possible to machine between the chuck and centre whilst finishing the workpiece in the sub-spindle.
  • Machine longer parts. With 3 axis movement of the sub-spindle, interferences between the turrets is significantly reduced, due to the lower turret movement, thus allowing the use of longer cutting tools.

"Made in Europe": Value for money

In an increasingly globalised and impersonal world, we are the "rare beast" of machine tools. A family business with an international presence, made up of over 450 people, which competes with large offshore multinationals with thousands of employees. In such an aggressive and hard-fought terrain, sometimes it is daring to opt for a business model like ours. We know that quality comes from having maximum control over each phase of the process of building our lathes. Anyone who buys from CMZ is getting a machine which:

  • Is made in Europe. Our machines are made in Europe. This means we are closer to the end destination of the product, and we fully control the whole process, so we save on major import/export costs.
  • Has over 80% of its components made by us. We have 8 of our own manufacturing centres. In our machining plants we produce most of the parts that make up our machines.
  • Is excellent value for money. This fact is a result of the two previous points. Local production and having a production chain capable of supplying ourselves with the components that make up our machines, allows us to avoid import costs from far-off countries. We use this margin to produce top quality components and offer a very competitive price.
  • Has a life cycle of more than 20 years. Those who have tried it know. Our machines have a life cycle of over 20 years. Durable, precise and reliable lathes.

Our expansion model doesn't just involve selling lathes in more and more countries, but also offering a good after-sales service. All of this is possible thanks to our aftersales department. Any customer who contacts CMZ is dealt with directly by the engineers from the Technical Assistance Service, without any non-technical intermediaries or operators.

If you are thinking of purchasing a turning centre, the TTL could be the machine for you. We hope that this technical and functional analysis will help you make the best decision 😉