Gorge de Loup


The best allies for tomorrow can be found in the classrooms of today, and the Gorge de Loup school of mechanical manufacturing is a clear example of that. This further education centre situated in Lyon, France, has over 1,000 m2 of workshop space available for teaching its students. The school was established in 1951, and since then it has not stopped training eminent professionals. For this, the centre's director has put in a lot of commitment, investing in machinery to ensure high quality and durability over time. CMZ has been a great ally in meeting this challenge. The purchase of 3 CMZ lathes in a matter of 5 years shows a high level of collaboration between the training centre and the company. After visiting our premises with its students, they decided to share their testimony with us.



LOCATION: Lyon, France

ACTIVITY: School of further education in manufacturing They teach students between 15 and 18 years of age in machining trades, leading to the French qualifications of CAP CIP and BAC PRO TRMP.

MACHINES: 3 CMZ lathes

  • TA-20-TY-640
  • TA-20-TY-640
  • TA-30-TY-1100


An education centre with clear values: respect, mutual help and transmission of knowledge. The Gorge de Loup school of mechanical manufacturing was created on these bases at the initiative of Father Neyret and Father André in 1950. Companies in the Lyon area were eager to train qualified young people to help them with machining tasks in their businesses. For that, industrial companies in the Vaise district funded the establishment of this school.

From the beginning, the focus was on acquiring knowledge through practice. That is why the school's workshop has been through innumerable expansions and modifications to make it what it is today: a training space with over 1,000m2 and a machinery that uses the latest technology.


Without losing its essence, Gorge de Loup gives uses a practical approach in its teaching, which is based on "learning through doing". The young people dedicate two thirds of their time to practical learning, without neglecting the theoretical aspect. As well as this, there is another unique aspect: the mechanical pieces produced in the workshop are for real customers. That is to say, the active collaboration with French businesses is real, since the students put into practice the knowledge they have acquired by producing real pieces. 

For this reason, the machinery in their workshop must meet certain quality standards, as well as ensuring durability over time. With these requirements, CMZ became the perfect candidate for purchasing digital control lathes, and this is supported by the 3 CMZ lathes acquired in a matter of five years.


The great challenge faced by the centre is training young people in an eminently practical setting. The work the students do in the premises of Gorge de Loup is real, and is destined for businesses who demand those services. For that, the school is committed not just to providing the workshop with the best machinery possible, but also to providing high quality practical training. From the moment a student registers at the centre to the moment they leave with their qualification, the school has a commitment to their future and that of their customers.

On this occasion, the school wanted to incorporate a CNC lathe that had a bar feeder or bar guides, focused on serial production. For this, after assessing different models from the competition, they opted for CMZ for the purchase of two machines from the TA-20-TY-640 series. The quality and performance of the previously-acquired TA-30-TY-1100 was a key factor in the final decision. Those latest transactions reinforced their confidence and drove the school to purchase their next machines. We hope there are many more in the future!


With the aim of doing their bit to help train the students at Gorge de Loup, CMZ organised a large visit in which 14 students from the school got to see the inside of the various premises that make up CMZ. Accompanied by the sales manager of the French subsidiary, Laurent Loustalot, they visited Neoprec, Seuner and the recently renovated Precitor, where they soaked up knowledge about the world of machine tool manufacturing.

CMZ manufactures over 80% of the components of the machines, opting for a philosophy of "in-house production". This is why the students at Gorge de Loup were able to see how various parts are machined which, later, will be used to make the CMZ lathes. They were thus able to put all of their theoretical knowledge into practice in a dynamic way.

That's how the visit to CMZ's premises ended, but the relationship based on trust and collaboration that began in 2018 is still going strong. Here at CMZ we have our spotlight on quality training, and in Gorge de Loup we have found an ally with whom we can continue writing a promising future for all of their students.

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