Applications for CNC lathes | Parting off with Y axis

CNC lathes usually work from bar and part off is a key operation to finish the component. It is a small percentage of the cycle time but its failure causes down time in resetting up and most likely a component with already added value is lost. This is the reason why security in the process is very important in part off.

Material is a considerable percentage in component cost. In order to avoid large material waste on the cut off, the blades are usually very thin and long, which often lead to vibrations and bad surface finish. The only solution is to reduce the tool overhang to minimise the effect; however, the shortening limits the capacity to part off larger diameters.

To overcome this challenge, Sandvik Coromant has developed a new concept where they use an element that traditionally has been used for milling, the machine Y axis for part off. Just by changing the cutting direction, they have managed to increase resistance to flection, which allows longer overhangs and faster cutting conditions as the force is directed towards the tool axis. Surface finish is also improved.

In CMZ we have identified this application and considered it quite interesting to be used in our machines; that is why we have prepared the machines for this purpose. This document will give you all the information you require to setup both tool and program in all our CNC lathe series, provided they are configured with Y axis.