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Do you have to machine long and slender parts in your CNC lathe? Can’t avoid the appearance of vibrations?

Our TD series of lathes are ideal to machine this type of component. When equipped with a travelling steady accuracy and surface finish can be maintained along the entire length of long and slender diameters, supporting shafts that would be next to impossible to turn without one.

CMZ offers high flexibility to customise the machine you need. For instance, it is possible to configure the number of steady rests and how they are driven. For the TD models with the longest bed lengths it is possible to configure up to two steady rests bases, mounting one or two steadies per base. In case of mounting just one steady rest, it can be placed either on the left or on the right side of the base.

For the travelling steady application, a machine with one or two steady rest bases driven by servomotors is necessary. It is usually configured in conjunction with a hydraulically driven tailstock and sometimes the latter can be "displaced" in order to enable the steady rest to move really close to the tailstock.

Get in touch with us and we will assist you in the selection of the most suitable machine for the components you want to produce.

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