• 10/06/2020

    CMZ online lathe stock checking system

    A few weeks before moment zero, in other words, before the coronavirus appeared in our lives, we were finally launching our online system for new machine stock. We believe, now more than ever, that our [...]

  • 21/04/2020

    A star has been born…and its catalogue!

    We've done it again. Not long ago we decided that large lathes could become one more member of CMZ’s family of products. And so, it happened, under the slogan “big does not mean slow”, the first CMZ [...]

  • 02/04/2020


    These are difficult times. We weren’t counting on a pandemic of uncontrollable scale changing the way in which we see and understand our day-to-day life. Terms such as COVID-19, social distancing and [...]

  • 20/12/2019

    2020, come whenever you want

    Almost without realising it, the final days of 2019 are already slipping through our fingers. As always, we like to come here and take a look back and remember everything that those past 365 days have given [...]

  • 29/11/2019

    Manufacturing here: the secret to our CNC lathes

    After almost 75 years in the machine tooling sector, we are experts in the intricacies of this industry. In an increasingly globalised world, with a trend towards offshoring production, we are firmly committed [...]

  • 05/09/2019

    We are launching the 2nd edition of our Product Range Catalogue

    Starting again, one more time. And we will return with the excitement of children using all their new things at the start of the school term. As part of the process of refreshing our corporate image, which [...]

  • 30/07/2019


    For better or for worse, time flies. August is now here, and with it comes the sunshine, the smell of barbecue, the beach, afternoons at the pool and all of those good things we long for throughout the [...]

  • 25/07/2019

    The family is growing: we are expanding our range of multi-turret machines

    Anyone looking for maximum optimisation of their processes, with machines designed for simultaneous machining, is in luck. At CMZ, the family of products is growing. Our TX machines with 2 and 3 towers [...]

  • 10/07/2019

    Cafisur undertakes the biggest expansion in its history

    Cafisur, our industrial metalworking plant situated in Cádiz, is expanding its facilities with the construction of an 8,500m2 plant. The objectives are clear: we want to increase our manufacturing capacity [...]

  • 10/06/2019

    Lathes in stock | Immediate Delivery

    We are lucky to be able to announce that, in the last few years, demand for our lathes CNChas frequently exceeded expectations and we have been inundated when it comes to supplying those lathes to our customers. [...]

  • 03/06/2019

    That’s SEUNER: our second CNC lathe assembly plant

    SEUNER Fabricados is CMZ’s second Assembly Plant 2 in Mallabia. It started its path in 2015. The plant’s purpose is to manufacture the TD Series, which includes CMZ’s long bed CNC lathes, with distances [...]

  • 05/04/2019

    CMZ | Writing our history

    It’s safe to say that nowadays, CMZ is a renowned manufacturer of CNC lathes. At times we like to stop and take a look back to remember how everything started, see how we got to where we are today and [...]

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